Steepletone 1960’s Vinyl Record Player – Red


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This 1960’s style nostalgic compact portable Steepletone record player SRP025 with built in amplifier and detachable speakers is a real blast from the past which has been coupled with the latest technology for the perfect listening combination. This high-quality audio equipment by Steepletone is a vinyl record player that has built-in amplifiers and detachable speakers. Although the overall look evokes a retro vibe, this product is equipped with modern features that any music lover will find perfect for playing 33 & 45 RPM records. The Steepletone SRP025 Vinyl Record Player Built in Speaker is fully portable. It has a hinged lid with locking clasps plus a carry handle that allows it to be carried and transported with little effort. Furthermore, it is available in four nice colours – red, blue, green, and orange. Because the product comes with a full one-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can listen to your vinyl record collection with the assurance that the device will perform exactly the way specified. This 1960s-inspired compact portable record player has stereo speakers built into an easily removable lid. One of the best things about this vintage-looking equipment is that it plays all size records even with the speaker detached. As for the sound output, this products peak music power output is 20W p.m.p.o. It includes a 12V DC out socket powered via 12 AC-DC adaptor. Simply plug it in and it will play your vinyl records just like the sixties originals. Steepletone is an established British company well reputed for offering first-rate record players and audio equipment for over 30 years; hence, you can be sure that youre only getting a highly reliable retro record player from a tried-and-tested company.