Assorted Gourmet Jelly Bean Bunny – Crouching


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Assorted Gourmet Jelly Bean Bunny – Crouching – How about these brilliant Jelly Bean-filled Bunnies as a quirky alternative to chocolate Easter Eggs (yawn!). I mean, we LOVE chocolate Easter Eggs around here, but it`s nice to have a change from time to time, and you know what they say about having too much of a good thing. And if you`re rather partial to Assorted Gourmet Jelly Bean… then this is the perfect Easter treat! Or, if you`re organising an egg hunt, dot in a couple of these Bunnies…. that`ll confuse them!!! Each wonderfully colourful crouching rabbit measures 95mm high x 60mm wide x 100mm depth, and contains a whopping 220g of Jelly Beans… that`s a whole load of beans!!! – Qty In Order: 1 Assorted Jelly Bean Bunny