A Victorian Jar – Sweetshop Penny Mix


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A Victorian Jar of Sweetshop Penny Mix – A beautifully elegant Victorian-style jar filled with our most nostalgic sweetshop favourites…. you`ll find everything from Fried Eggs to Fizzy Cola Bottles to Fizzy Strawberries to Banana Mallows (among many many others)! The jars are made of plastic (so no risk of breakages) and they`re medium-sized… they feel lovely and substantial and make a fabulous gift! It really is the perfect little pressie (at a great price) for someone who deserves a nice big dollop of retro loveliness… Each jar contains 320g (0.7lb) of Penny Mix (that`s a lot of sweets!) and measures 17.5cm x 7.5 cm (that`s 6.8 x 2.9inches). – Qty In Order: 1 Victorian Jar