Small Wooden Retro Sweet Box


A Small Wooden Box of Nostalgia – A beautiful handmade wooden box filled to the brim with classic retro sweets/

Weighs 1.25kg  and measures 22cm x 12cm x 12cm  a really meaty treasure trove of goodies!

The box contains all these lovely goodies that will make you go totally misty-eyed:

1 Wham Bar
1 pack Water Bombs
1 Space Dust sachet
1 Sherbet Fountain
2 Super Candy Whistles
2 Double Lollies
2 Drumstick Lollies
1 Double Dip
4 Refreshers Chews
Fizzy Cola Bottles, 250g
The Best Kola Kubes You’ve Ever Tasted!, 250g
The Best Rhubarb and Custard You’ve Ever Tasted!, 250g

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