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Retro Weather Forecast Fridge Magnets with Michael Fish Britain’s most talked about topic of conversation can now turn to the fridge thank to the Retro Weather Fridge Magnets! These fantastically funny magnets look just like the symbols Michael Fish used to push around his weather board. Thankfully, you also get a Michael Fish magnet to take control of those cold fronts and rainy spells! Our Retro Weather Fridge Magnets let you create your own 70’s fridge forecast with 35 magnets. Ideal for those who used to dream of being a weatherman or just want to relive the days when it didn’t matter whether you wanted to wear a flowery shirt with a tartan jacket… Retro Weather Fridge Magnets The Retro Weather Fridge Magnets kit has everything you need to create your own weather forecast! Stick your novelty magnets to your fridge or any other metal surface The largest magnet (Michael fish) measures approx 10.5 cm x 8 cm The smallest magnet measures approx 1 cm x 1 cm There are 35 fridge magnets in the pack! These Retro Weather Fridge Magnets make hilarious novelty gifts for ages 16 to 160! There were days when men wore heels and flowery prints, days when sweep-overs were cool for the older man and Michael Fish was THE weatherman. Pay homage to Michael and create retro chic in your kitchen with these fantastic Retro Weather Fridge Magnets! What’s in the Retro Weather Fridge Magnets pack? 1 x Michael Fish 1 x Gales arrow 1 x Storm circle 3 x Wind Speeds 2 x Day signs (TOMORROW/ TODAY) 1 x Warm Front 1 x Cold Front 3 x Snow flakes 1 x White cloud 1 x Lightening bolt 1 x Black cloud 8 x Temperatures 3 x Hail drops 3 x Rain drops 1 x Sunny spells 1 x Sunny 1 x Bright intervals Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Retro Weather Forecast Fridge Magnets with Michael Fish


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