Retro Sweet Hamper


27 different varieties of retro sweets crammed into a lovely hamper.

The hamper, when finished, will then make a lovely storage box for more sweets or anything else you fancy.

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Product Description

Retro Sweetie Hamper Contents and Ingredients:
The Retro Sweetie Hamper contains the following sweets:
100g Shrimps
100g Marshmallows
100g Liquorice Wheels
100g Cola Bottles
100g Fried Eggs
100g Jelly Babies
100g Milk Shakes
100g Jelly Beans
100g Heart Throbs
25g Flying Saucers
5 x Gob Stoppers
2 x Dolly Bead Necklaces
6 x Fizzers
6 x Parma Violets
8 x Refresher Chews
5 x Drumstick Lollies
5 x Double Candy Lollies
4 x Mini Love Hearts
2 Bags of Rainbow Drops
2 x Candy Whistles
1 x Mega Drumstick Lolly
1 x Mega Double Candy Lolly
2 x Mega Rainbow Dust Straws
2 Boxes of Candy Sticks


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