Personalised ‘Big Boy’ Retro Sweet Jar


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The ‘BIG BOY’ Retro Sweet Jar is not for the faint hearted! We recommend leaving this one to the BIG BOY of the house. We have crammed this 4.5 litre Jar with as many MEGA, GIANT and BIIIIG versions of our favourite retro sweets. The Jar has 20 different varieties of retro sweets The Label is fully personalised with: Occasion: i.e. Happy birthday, I love you etc (up to 30 characters including spaces)First Name of recipient: i.e. Samantha (up to 15 characters including spaces)Personal Message: i.e. have a wonderful day (up to 70 characters including spaces) Contents: 1 x Roll Giant Fizzers 1 x Roll Giant Parma Violets 1 x Roll Giant Love Hearts 1 x Giant Drumstick 1 x Giant Double Candy Lolly 100g – Giant Jazzies 50g – Flying Saucers 200g – Giant Fizzy Strawberries 200g – Big Jelly Babies 200g – Giant Jelly Spiders 200g – Large liquorice Wheels 100g – Marshmallows 100g – Jelly Snakes 1 x Love Hearts Sherbert Dip 1 x Double Dip Sherbet 2 x Giant Dust Straws 2 x Giant refresher Bars 1 x Popping Candy 2 x Pack Rainbow Drops 1 x Bag Gobstoppers


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