Medium Retro Sweet Hamper


A great variety of retro sweet in a medium sized wicker hamper, packed with old classics like Anglo Bubbly, White Chocolate Fish and Chips and Fruit Salads.

Each hamper measures 36cm x 18cm x 14cm and weighs 3kg and here are the scrummy contents:

Fizzy Cola Bottles, 250g
Foiled Ice Cups, 250g
Fruit Salad, 250g
Kola Kubes, 250g
Liquorice Comfits, 250g
Rhubarb and Custard, 250g
Anglo Bubbly, 250g
50 x Flying Saucers
4 x Double Lollies
4 x Drumsticks – Original
2 x Love Hearts
2 x Parma Violets
2 x Sherbet Fountains
2 x Space Dust – Strawberry
4 x Super Candy Whistles
2 x Wham Bars
1 x Water Bomb Packs
1 x Whoopee Cushion

Would make a great gift for aspecial birthday

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