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Big Trak You might remember having one of these in the early 80’s. Retro and cool, Bigtrak is back! This programmable educational toy is a six-wheeled tank with a front mounted blue photon beam headlamp used for firing. The centre wheels are driven by two motors to allow change of direction. Use the 23-button keypad to enter instructions for Bigtrak. Where do I want Bigtrak to go? In what direction? How many units will it take to reach my goal? When do I want Bigtrak to fire? Do I want Bigtrak to return to me along a different course? Bigtrak will execute 16 commands in one sequence, e.g. ‘go forward 5 lengths’, ‘pause’, ‘turn 30 degrees right’, ‘fire phaser’ and so on. There is a ‘repeat’ instruction allowing simple loops. With its classic Photon Cannon at the ready, programme this classic retro toy to steer around obstacles and shoot at a target or take dad an apple like in the classic Bigtrak adverts of the 80’s. If you are looking for the ultimate retro Birthday gift, you should be wetting yourself with excitement right now. Back to the heady days where Monster Munch were as big as your fist and every kid had a pair of corduroy trousers…because they were cool… Big Trak Retro Toy Bigtrak is the ultimate retro toy that used programmable directions instead of a remote control! Looks exactly like the original 80’s toy! Includes the classic yellow, black and red stickers and full instructions Keypad allows Big Trak to go forward, back, right, left, a range of distances and to fire Bigtrak’s Photon Cannon! It measure approx 24 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm Requires 3 x D batteries (not included) Great retro gifts for ages 8 to 180! Bigtrak appeared in the movie, ET, alongside Drew Barrymore! Re-live your childhood with this 21st century Bigtrak! A real 80’s retro boys toy! What’s in the Big Trak Retro Toy box? 1 x Big Trak Retro Toy 1 x Set of Instructions 1 x Set of stickers Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Big Trak Retro Toy


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