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Treasure of the Pharaohs Board Game


Treasure of the Pharaohs
was a 1970’s 3d board game made by Palitoy set inside an Egyptian pyramid, the turn based game was a race to get from the start to the end via a stack of obstacles like The Great Stone of Cheops; The Spiral Maze; The Pit of Snakes and The Wheel of Anubis. The winner is the first player to pass through all the hazards in the pyramid and discover the treasure hidden in the sarcophagus.[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed=”” items=”3″]

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Crossfire board game


Classic retro game Crossfire
This was one of my best christmas presents as a kid, i remember asking for bigtrak but got this instead around the late 70’s early 80’s. Crossfire was first made in 1971 and is a 2 player game. The idea of the game was to fire small ball bearings through a plastic gun, and aim them at a bigger ball bearing with plastic around it, and keep hitting it until you score a goal. This would go on for hours would you had blisters on your trigger finger and had to give up.

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Transformers T Shirts

Transformers, robots in disguise. Shotdead in The head have a cool new range of Official Licensed Transformer T Shirts, the 80’s classic cartoon series which was later turned into a Hollywood film franchise are also printed in high quality shirts.

The range includes:
Robots in Disguise Organic T Shirt
Starscream Organic T Shirt
Optimus Prime Organic T Shirt
Autobot Organic T Shirt
Decepticons Organic T Shirt
Autobot Mask Organic T Shirt
We can change Organic T Shirt
Optimus Truck Organic T Shirt
Decepticon Tag Organic T Shirt
Hot Rod Logo Organic T Shirt
Autobot Tag Organic T Shirt
Soundwave Organic T Shirt

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Shrinky Dinks


Shrinky Dinks
These were often found in Cereal boxes in the 80’s, they were large flexible sheets with often pre-printed outlines of childrens TV characters. You would then colour in the image and pop it in the oven and wait for the sheet to shrink down to a small hard object keeping it’s scale and colour.