Transformers T Shirts

Transformers, robots in disguise. Shotdead in The head have a cool new range of Official Licensed Transformer T Shirts, the 80′s classic cartoon series which was later turned into a Hollywood film franchise are also printed in high quality shirts. The range includes: Robots in Disguise Organic T Shirt Starscream Organic T Shirt Optimus Prime […]

Fling Mini Joysticks for iPhone

Description: MULTIFEED_START_3_Turn your iphone into a retro 80s arcade game with this stylish pair of thumbsticks which attach to your iPhone with clear suction cups, giving you tactile and accurate control for any joystick game.MULTIFEED_END_3_ Price: £ MULTIFEED_START_8_24.99MULTIFEED_END_8_ Buy Now

80s Retro iPhone Case

Description: Love your iPhone but long for the days of 80s styling, massive hair and rolled up jacket sleeves? All this technology is lovely but with the retro iphone case you can relive the glorious days of phones the size of bricks. Bigger is always better. There’s nothing that says ‘retro’ more than the design classic […]

Quick Play USB Turntable

Description: Turn you old vinyl albums into digital files to put on you mp3 players. This easy to use nifty bit of kit will transfer your vinyl collection directly on to your computer with usb, so you can listen to you old Adam and the ants and bon jovi albums till your heart is content (just […]

Cardiff City 1975 – 1977 Home Shirt

Description: Classic retro Cardiff City replica home shirt from the 1970′s. Back in the day when the home matches were played at Ninian Park this shirt is long sleeved and made from 100% cotton. Price: £ MULTIFEED_START_7_32.99MULTIFEED_END_7_ Buy Now

JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick

For all you old school gamers who just yearn for the old way to play computer games on your ipad/tablet, well now you can with this sleek aluminium joystick that suctions over your on-screen control pad.  Forget about stroking your iPad/tablet like a loon and get busy blasting more aliens, scoring more goals and blitzing more […]